Student Success Story: From Dry and Frizzy to Soft Natural Curls in 30 Days!

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Olena who joined Hair Growth Lab suffering with dry and hard to manage hair which was affecting her self-esteem. Here is her story:


What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined Hair Growth Lab?

It was a sum of different things, mainly hair fall, dryness and lack of texture. I am usually quite self-conscious with my appearance, and hair has always been a very important part of that. For many years I kept it very short, but then when I decided to grow it longer I started to experience more of those issues I mentioned above. One was that I couldn’t leave my hair just in its natural state, after washing.  My hair would look bad unless I spent lots of time blow drying, and applied oils constantly to ease the dryness. I was very self-conscious about all those things and it affected my self-esteem a lot.



What made you decide to join Hair Growth Lab? 

I have been following Sarah on Instagram for a very long time, and always found her inspiring. I saw her journey unfolding through the years and appreciated the fact that she was being more and more “real”, and really had a purpose to help other women. Plus, she has the most beautiful hair in the world, so she definitely must know a few tricks! I’m saying this because to me it’s important that there is credibility within a person who starts such a business, and it’s not done just for the money. I wouldn’t have made this investment if it was someone else. I really had trust in the fact that I was putting my hopes (and cash) into the right place, and that I would get real and sustainable results. I have known about HGL since it was founded, but decided to really give it a go after joining the 14 days challenge, which I enjoyed a lot. And I’m still really glad I joined!


What results have you seen since implementing the learnings? How does it make you feel?

It’s still a bit early and I haven’t implemented every single practice, however I can see results from what I managed to do, which is something I never thought I could achieve! The most significant result to me is to finally appreciate my hair more in its natural state (without blow drying/styling). When I wash it and let it dry on its own, it gets nice natural curls, has more volume, and feels soft to the touch. I also hardly see any split ends (and I don’t even trim it as often as I should). I couldn’t believe my hair would look so nice, and I’m only still halfway through the journey! Something I’m still working on is to make them look less frizzy, but I’ll get there! 


How did it feel having a community to be part of?

It’s honestly so amazing to be part of a community that has a similar passion for hair care, and understands how hair can be important in our lives!! I find it so inspiring to see the progress of the other girls, and so helpful all the advice shared... I really hope this community will grow more and more with time and we really lead a global haircare revolution!! 



What is the next goal/ milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

My biggest struggle now is hair fall, and the milestone would be reducing that significantly. It seems I have quite some volume and density, however on the very top of my head there is an area where my hair is a bit thinner, almost like a “bald spot” that I have to hide by moving and styling my hair in a certain way. A dream would be to reach such a strong hair retention to cover up that part naturally. That also means to be able to grow my hair a bit longer, without them to become weaker due to heaviness. 


What is so amazing is that this has been only 30 days into the program and she is already seeing such amazing results! Though, this comes as no surprise since she has been one of the most motivated and dedicated students and all her efforts are certainly paying off! We cannot wait to see what she achieves in the next 30 days and beyond! 

Follow Olena on Instagram @summer_stateofmind 💜

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