Student Success Story: From Dry and Brittle to Longer, Stronger and a Future of Possibilities!

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Dominika who joined Hair Growth Lab suffering with dry and brittle hair which was causing her a lot of frustration. Read her story here:


1. What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined Hair Growth Lab? How did it make you feel?

Dry, straw-like, brittle hair that kept breaking off on various parts of my head (I have all sorts of short hair pieces and long hair pieces and am still working hard on growing them so my whole head of hair is one length).  I’ve been trying to grow it out for eight years and it’s always stayed the same length. I compare myself to other girls with long, beautiful strands, and I’m frustrated because I’m very healthy: I am vegan, organic, gluten-free, I sleep 7 to 9 hours a night, and I exercise regularly, and make sure my stress is 0/10.  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, it’s frustrating to know that so many girls are very unhealthy but yet they have gorgeous hair somehow.



2. What made you decide to join? Do you remember the particular moment when you made the decision to do this for yourself?

I joined because I was tired of not getting the results I wanted (to have beautiful hair like many other girls). Lower self-confidence came with it.


3. What results have you seen since implementing the learnings? How does it make you feel?

After five months, my hair now appears longer and a bit fuller. I feel like I am finally getting what I desired and what I deserve.



4. What areas of the Hair Growth Lab Course made the biggest difference for you? How did it feel having a community to be part of?

Because I’m very health oriented, it upsets me that so many entrepreneurs and big organizations push for fast, unnatural, unhealthy results, and also lie to customers. They put in products or ingredients that give us cancer, brain degeneration, and so many other diseases, just so they can make money.

Sarah, however, is not one of them- she shares the same values as I do! She does a deep dive in her program on preventative care, healthy eating, sleeping, and so many things about nutrition and stress. (ALL UP MY ALLEY and should be up everyone’s alley if they want to live disease-free!) 

This program turned out to be a lifestyle change for me, not a hair, fixing program. (Even though it’s fixing my hair anyways! )

The community was great and my favourite was getting time to ask Sarah questions and to get further guidance from her. ️ I’m the student who asks 100 million questions lol and she answered all of them. She has such an amazing attitude and goes above and beyond for us!



5. What is the next goal/milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

I would like to have more volume in my hair, and for it to reach down to my bum. :)


Dominika has been such a dedicated student and her results after 5 months show what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. It has been so incredibly exciting to see her transform her hair in such a short space of time and we can't wait to see her achieve her hair goals and support her along the way! 

Follow Dominika on Instagram: @dominika.katerina

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