Student Success Story: From Dry and Brittle to Soft and Happy Hair!

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Isabelle who joined The 14 Day Challenge suffering with dry and brittle hair which was harder to care for since moving to California. This caused her to feel quite disheartened. Read her story here:

What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined the 14 Day Challenge?

I joined the community because of dry, brittle hair. I know my hair when it is happy- lustrous, hydrated, a joy for me to touch, tousle, braid... how good I feel in my own skin when it is like that. And even though I’m not overly focused on my hair, I had to admit to myself, finally, that I just was not figuring out how to make and keep my hair nice since years living in California, and for whatever other reasons were factoring in. I finally felt disheartened enough to pay attention to the desire here for myself.


What made you decide to join? Do you remember the particular moment when you made the decision to do this for yourself?

I decided to join from an internal spark of “YES”. A pull to do this for myself, for fun, and to learn more. It felt like it was mine. I was on a mission and I felt like a sneaky kid giving herself what her parents told her she always shouldn’t care to have!


 What results have you seen since implementing the learnings?

I am at the beginning of the journey- and about to continue this path by joining the Hair Growth Lab Program. I’ve learned to make my own shampoo and read product labels. I’ve validated some of my prior knowledge based around supportive lifestyle and nutrition factors, appreciating how they are so valuable. It makes me feel calm, harmonious, informed, empowered. It brings me peace and joy. A few weeks in my hair has gotten softer and happier!


What areas of  the 14 Day Challenge  made the biggest difference for you? How did it feel having a community to be part of?

What made the biggest difference for me was having community support to keep moving through the challenge, and enjoy the rewards. I found that talking about the importance of taking time and care to achieve meaning and results has really stayed with me. I find that so nurturing in a culture that has so much pressure to spontaneously be “overnight successes”. Being in community is healing. It is an authentic space, and as such co-elevating.


What is the next goal/milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

My next milestone is to get into a detailed and familiar rhythm with my hair care. To have the flexibility to use homemade and store bought products according to my unique hair care profile. I want simple, and do-able, affordable, and enjoyable. To recognize and enjoy my hair in her happiest state.


It is so wonderful to see how Isabelle has been empowered by the knowledge she has learnt and used it to get the results she desires! We know that the The 14 Day Challenge was only the beginning for her and are all super excited to see how she achieves her goals while in the full Hair Growth Lab Program! It is going to be an amazing journey! 


Follow Isabelle on Instagram: @isabelle_loeb

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