Student Success Story: Solving Dry, Frizzy Hair and Enjoying a New Hair-Loving Lifestyle!

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Gülen who joined The 14 Day Challenge suffering with dry and frizzy hair that would fall out and break easily which would get her down. Read her story here:

What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined the 14 Day Challenge?

I actually had a lot of problems with my curly hair: It was dry, frizzy and thin and tended to fall out easily because of breakage. I also got split ends because of the dryness. Whenever I grew my hair there wasn’t much left on the ends. I couldn‘t feel its weight and that made me really sad. One time when I was in a barber shop I wanted to get a nice hairstyle for a wedding from my cousin. But I had so little hair that the hairdresser couldn‘t do anything with it. It was so embarrassing… I lost confidence and put my hair into a bun. Besides, I’ve mostly worn my hair tied up because of its dryness and frizziness.


What made you decide to join? Do you remember the particular moment when you made the decision to do this for yourself?

 It was actually by coincidence! I stumbled on a Hair Growth Lab post on Instagram. At that time I didn‘t even think of my hair anymore and just lived with it. The post mentioned the two weeks challenge and I kinda got interested. It sounded like a new and attractive way to actually help my hair get better. So I just thought: Gülen, it‘s corona and you haven‘t anything better to do, just give it a try!  And if it doesn‘t work out you also get a refund. Bingo! And so I started :D After I joined the lab, I got a little anxious and I must admit that I was sceptical. But I didn’t want to give up and saw this challenge as my last chance.


 What results have you seen since implementing the learnings?

The results were just gorgeous! At first I actually thought that the results will take time. But I totally misjudged that!

After just one wash with the self made shampoo I saw drastic changes in my hair. Sure, it wasn‘t perfect. But I felt that it got sooo much better. And not just that: Doing daily workouts, making my own diet and implementing my routine; after structuring all that, I can say that I felt 100% healthier. I was proud of myself to stick through all of it.


What areas of  the 14 Day Challenge  made the biggest difference for you? How did it feel having a community to be part of?

 Ouh, that’s actually a tough question. I learned so much in the lab that I didn‘t know about before. But for me I think the biggest difference was making my diet and seeing how much protein and vitamins I get into my body. I never made such a detailed diet and just ate what I wanted to. When I was filling the sheets I actually was shocked at how much I lack the nutrients that are necessary for my hair. That made a big difference in my life.

It was so nice to be in the community. I liked posting my progress from the challenge and loved to read what the other participants are doing. It‘s always nice to see people working together to get a better result! I was happy to be united with people from all over the world who could understand my struggles. But I also had mixed feelings like „Oh, so I am not the only one!“ and „It is kinda sad how many struggle with their hair.“ So I was thankful to the Hair Growth Lab to get everyone together and help us.


 What is the next goal/milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

I must admit that I struggle sometimes to hold onto my new Lifestyle on everyday. But I am sure that I will be able to get used to it with time passing. Now after a few months I don't have frizzy and dry hair anymore! No split ends and it also looks like my hair even got thicker. My only hair problem Right now is my hair loss. So my next goal is to make it possible to grow my hair without losing much of it and to make it look strong and full.


It is so amazing to see how Gülen was able to solve quite a few of her hair issues by making some changes to her diet and lifestyle, as well as trying out the DIY shampoo. Her hair now looks so much healthier already, we know she will go onto achieve amazing things in the coming months!

Follow Gülen on Instagram: @gulenbusrabayrak

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