Student Success Story Update: Solving a Hair Loss Problem and Achieving Longer, Thicker and Shinier Hair

Welcome to our latest Student Success Story! Today we are celebrating Haley who was one of Hair Growth Lab's first students! She had been suffering with hair thinning, oily scalp, split ends for many years. Read her story here:

What hair problems did you struggle with before you joined Hair Growth Lab? 

Before Hair Growth Lab, I struggled with hair loss, hair thinning, itchy and oily scalp, flat/dull hair, frizz, tangles, and split ends and breakage. After dealing with these problems for sooo long, I was starting to feel hopeless and couldn’t help but wonder how everyone else besides me seemed to have effortlessly manageable hair!



What made you decide to join? 

I decided to join the Lab when I realized that my own research (and doctors) had never helped me progress with my hair or end my hair loss. I had some slight doubts that it might be another thing that would let me down, but I felt desperate with my hair loss and knew I couldn’t give up just because investing in the Lab could have been a risk (in the end, it wasn’t - it was the best choice I’ve made for myself in such a long time!) And seeing Sarah’s gorgeous, healthy hair and genuine personality (based on following her on Instagram), I felt like she would be a trustworthy person to learn about all things hair care!


What results have you seen since implementing the learnings? 

Implementing what I’ve learned from the course has had a tremendous impact on my hair, my health, and my life! I’m no longer losing hair, and I’m slowly but surely reversing my hair thinning - it is growing back thicker and more coarse (like it used to be!) I’ve also learned how to tame the frizz and tangles, completely got rid of the itchiness, added shine, and I’ve even seen quite a bit of NEW baby hairs coming in. :D I’ve also improved my internal health - diet, stress, sleep, etc. - in order to achieve my best hair. This has not only improved my health but my quality of life as well! I constantly feel ready to take on each day and set high goals and expectations for myself and for my’s amazing to me that I could get all of this out of a haircare class. <3



What areas of the Hair Growth Lab Course made the biggest difference for you? How did it feel having a community to be part of?

It’s hard to choose just one area of the course that had the biggest impact because I FULLY invested myself in every single detail in order to finally get things right for my hair and myself. However, I truly needed an internal practice transformation and to get my health in check in order to bring a stop to my hair loss. So I am extremely thankful that Sarah took a holistic approach to help me get to the root of the problem rather than giving a broad simple fix. It was also so encouraging and uplifting to be able to connect with other women going through the program, experiencing similar hair struggles, and working towards a common goal.



What is the next goal/milestone you would like to reach with your hair?

My next goal with my hair is to grow it past my plateau length (which is my belly button). I hope to have it there within the next few months, and by 2021 it will be at the longest I’ve ever been able to grow it! I’m confident now that I can stretch my limits...I’ve been SO patient over these past years and I know I finally deserve to have my longest and best hair. :)


Haley has been such an inspiring student ever since she joined Hair Growth Lab, having diligently documented every step of her journey in the community. It has been amazing for us to see her progress and solve so many of her hair issues in 1 year! Who knows what she will go on to achieve next? Whatever it is we are so happy to be on this journey with her!

Follow Haley on Instagram: @hayyswizzle

Read Haley's previous Student Success Story here: Haley's 90 Day Progress

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