Student Progress Report: Frizz to Defined Curls in 45 Days


It's time for another student success story! Today's progress report comes from Andrea, a mom of two and a Hair Growth Lab student. 


What were Andrea's hair struggles before Hair Growth Lab?

As a mom of two young boys, Andrea has understandably spent the last few years putting her young family first. She was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease which autoimmune disorder which affects your thyroid. With a damaged thyroid, she was losing a lot of hair and her curls lost their structure. Her hair texture grew out with a rough surface and caused a lot of frizz. Additionally, she was no longer adding length due to how weak her hair was. It was breaking faster than it could grow. 

Andrea decided to enroll in Hair Growth Lab to reduce her hair fall, improve her internal practices to manage her hormones, and get some structure into her curls again. 



Just 6 weeks on and she reports:

✔︎ Her hair has gained much curl definition and she is excited to achieve even more as time goes on
✔︎  The internal practices she's applied for managing her hormones have significantly reduced her hair fall 
✔︎ Her hair has so much more volume at the roots while her ends are much more manageable 
✔︎ She reports her hair is growing faster than it ever has in her life, managing to gain a few inches even with a little trim! She did not measure her hair length at the beginning so we don't know the exact amount of length she added but it seems like a good two inches or so


Knowing where Andrea started and seeing how much she has achieved in around 6 weeks is incredible. Fighting the effects of Hashimotos adds a layer of complexity to Andreas routine, yet she is absolutely exceeding her expectations. We are so proud of her.


What the amazing women inside #HairGoals Hub are saying:



If you want to learn how to build the perfect haircare routine that gives you the results you want, then join all of us inside Hair Growth Lab. We're all looking forward to meeting you! 

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