Student Progress Report: Putting a Stop To 10 Years of Hair Loss in 90 Days

It's time for another student success story!

We've decided to post Student Success Stories to give you a peek into the celebrations that happen inside the members-only HairGoals Hub. 

Today I want to introduce you to one of the Hair Growth Lab students, Haley (IG: @hayyswizzle).


What were Haley's hair struggles before Hair Growth Lab?

Before enrolling into Hair Growth Lab, Haley was losing around 100 hairs per day.

Her hair was thinning so much and she felt she needed to style her hair in a half-up/half down style to add volume to the top while also hiding a patch of her scalp which was starting to show due to all the hair loss.

She enrolled into Hair Growth Lab to reduce her hair fall, heal her itchy scalp and oily scalp, and increase her volume.


Just a few months on and:

✔︎  Her hair fall rate has dropped to around 25 a day and it’s reducing even more week by week!

✔︎  She comfortably wears her hair down with confidence

✔︎ Her hair has so much more volume at the roots, even without doing the half up/half down style

✔︎ She has completely healed her itchy scalp and doesn’t experience itchiness at all anymore

✔︎  She's reduced her oily scalp and goes two days without washing now compared to just one day before

✔︎  She's added a chunk of length to her hair which wasn’t the main goal of hers but it’s still an awesome bonus!

I’m sooo proud of how far she’s come in just 90 days! It’s been so fulfilling watching her grow more confident as time goes on. Excited to see where your haircare journey takes you going forward Haley! 


What the amazing women inside #HairGoals Hub are saying:



If you want to learn how to build the perfect haircare routine that gives you the results you want, then join all of us inside Hair Growth Lab. We're all looking forward to meeting you! 

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