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The Complete Guide to Your Longest, Densest and Healthiest Hair...

...without the need for expensive products or salon treatments.

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Your Longest, Thickest and Healthiest Hair...

...without the need for expensive products or salon treatments.


Fact: Women spend on average $990 on their hair per year. That’s over $55,000 over a lifetime.

These numbers sound crazy, but totally understandable.

Our relationship with our hair is highly emotional. For many women, it’s a security blanket and a source of confidence. It gives us the little extra push to ace that job interview. To go on the first date feeling fabulous. To wake up and feel like you’re going to win the day.

It totally makes sense why we want to invest in our hair. Yet, with the the time and money we're spending on it, we’re just not getting the results we want.

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Can you relate to these hair problems?

  • Do you see clumps of hair wash away every time you shower? 
  • Are you noticing your hairline more and more as the days go by?
  • Have you been trying to grow longer, denser and healthier hair but you keep losing length due to dryness and split ends?
  • Are you tired of trying product after product and not getting the results you want from them?
  • Have you had a bad salon experience that left your hair more fragile than ever?
  • Did you have thicker and healthier hair in the past which lost it’s volume and lustre over the years?
  • Do you feel stressed and anxious and you know it’s affecting your hair but you have no idea what to do about it?
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Mainstream hair care knowledge is riddled with misinformation.

That's why we've all experienced the same frustrations. 

We've searched Google, blogs and Youtube for hair tips...
We've listened to what our hairdresser recommends...
We’ve bought “trendy” new products promoted by our favourite influencers…

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Unfortunately, most women now think effective haircare is…

✘   Hair oils (especially coconut oil...)
✘   Expensive salon treatments
✘   Supplements (especially biotin...)
✘   Organic and natural products
✘   High-end shampoos

Achieving great hair is not about finding the next product.

In fact, this endless search for the perfect product is the reason why most women will never find it. 

You see, it’s impossible to have great hair when...

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Most haircare products are full of harmful chemicals.

Have you ever used a new shampoo that seems like a match made in heaven, but after a few months, your hair starts to fall out in clumps and your ends feel brittle and dry?

The problem is, most haircare products are formulated with harsh chemicals that make your hair look nice in the short-term, but with continuous use, they create irreversible damage in the long-term.

You end up locked in a vicious cycle that steadily ruins your hair over time.

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You have no idea what your hair actually needs.

Would you ever wear a dress that is 7 sizes too small? Most would say no because the results would be unflattering. Most also don’t realise  the same applies to your hair. 

If you don't know understand the unique characteristics of your hair, you risk following a routine that wasn't designed for it. Just like when you wear a dress that is 7 sizes too small, applying the wrong hair care products will give a similarly unflattering result. 

hair growth lab testimonial

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You've been thinking too much about your hair.

It’s easy to think the solution to all your hair problems is in a bottle or a tube. 

You could use the most high-end products and expensive salon treatments, but if you don’t have your lifestyle and environmental factors under control, you'll struggle to eliminate your hair concerns for good.

In fact, if you don't optimise your lifestyle and environment for hair health... you have a very slim chance of reaching your hair goals.

hair growth lab testimonial

Comments like these show that we are much too focused on looking for hair products instead of addressing the root cause of the problem.

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For decades, Women have been taught to think about their hair in the completely wrong way.

We’ve been taught to treat our hair problems by slapping on products. We've been convinced that we need all these specific miracle bottles and tubes to achieve great hair.

This misconception has been keeping us from our best hair while we waste hundreds of dollars per year on expensive products that don't work, or only work temporarily. 

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Women have been taught to think about their hair in the completely wrong way.

We’ve been taught to treat our hair problems by slapping on products. We've been convinced that we need all these specific miracle bottles and tubes to achieve great hair.
This misconception has been keeping us from our best hair while we waste hundreds of dollars per year on expensive products that don't work, or only work temporarily. 
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I've been there too. 

That's exactly how I ended up with the hair on the left. 

I know how it feels to want beautiful hair, to read the blogs, to follow the tutorials, to buy whatever they’re recommending… only to end up with more problems.

It took me 12 years of ignoring hair care marketing, investing hours and hours into research and turning myself into a human guinea pig before I discovered what effective hair care really is. 

The answer is shockingly simple. But not only that... it’s affordable and self-empowering too. 

I regret not figuring it out sooner. It would have saved me so many years of being stuck in a cycle of feeling insecure about myself, wasting years of my time and pay check with little results to show for it.

My younger self would not believe me if I told her that you can grow thigh length hair without breakage by applying a simple $15 per month haircare routine…

If you’re ready to let go of everything you’ve been taught about haircare just like I did 12 years ago, and learn how to actually take care of your hair, then you need to know the simple truth...

It's right there next to you.

Just look to your left… or look to your right. 

Look up and look down. What is it?  


It's your hair.

Everything you need to know about achieving great hair is right beside you. You just need to LISTEN to it. 

It will tell you if it likes what you're doing to it. It will also tell you if it doesn't. Those split ends? They're trying to tell you something.

If you can figure out how to listen to what your hair is actually saying... 

Then you've unlocked the key to growing your longest, densest and healthiest hair.

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So what does your hair want? What does your hair need?

Every woman's hair has a different answer.

But knowing the answer to that question will completely transform how you treat your hair and the results you'll achieve.

Answering that question has completely transformed my hair and my students hair too.

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Most hair care problems I've seen women struggle with over the years had little to do with their genetics or the quality of their products.

It was almost entirely about their lack of knowledge to listen to their hair and build the right routine for it.


A woman who just gave birth and wants to regrow her hair will have a completely different set of goals and routines compared to a woman who is getting married in 6 months and wants to achieve long and frizz-free hair.

A woman who is stressed from work and wants to manage her scalp issues will have yet another different set of goals and routine from a woman suffering from hormonal hair loss and wants to put a stop to it.

Yet, we listen to YouTube gurus who have no idea about our unique hair situation. We read articles from bloggers who have no idea who we are. We apply products and tips that are marketed to us from people who haven’t once looked at our hair or tried to LISTEN to it.

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Our situations are UNIQUE and that means we need a UNIQUE routine that fits in with all our UNIQUE
circumstances and UNIQUE goals.

One of my students has been struggling for 10 years! 10 whole years. Thinking it was just her genetics. Turns out, an shampoo she had been using was causing her problems the whole time. A shampoo that is loved by many online and promoted to the masses. But just because others had great results, doesn’t mean you will. Your hair profile is unique which means you need a unique routine to get the best results.

Haircare shouldn't be time-consuming or expensive. You can dramatically decrease the amount of time and money you spend on your haircare routine once you've figured out what your hair really needs.

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We all come from different backgrounds with different genetic, different environments, different lifestyles, different 
age groups, different hair goals and sooo many more factors.

All these factors need to be considered when finding the perfect routine that gives you the results you're looking for.

Effective haircare is about educating yourself on your unique situation and incorporating the RIGHT products and the RIGHT practices in the RIGHT way.

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With so much misinformation and “one size fits all" products…

It’s no wonder we’re all struggling to reach our hair goals.

So what are you suppose to do?

To achieve your best hair, you must stop:

✘  Seeking products and salon treatments that merely mask the problem while damaging your hair further.
✘ Taking advice from those who don't understand your unique hair profile (only you know what's best) 
✘  Mindlessly following generic DIY haircare tutorials or product recommendations without checking if it's right for your hair.

And start listening to your hair and giving it what it needs:

✔ Assess your unique hair situation including your goals and hair care history so you can find out what your hair really NEEDS 
✔ Build a fully-customised routine that factors in your lifestyle, environment AND hair care practices (hair care isn't just oils and supplements. It's also about balancing your hormones, combating damage from your environment, managing your stress and SO MUCH more)
✔ Reject hair care misinformation and seek support from experts and like-minded women who understand your hair journey 
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Take a moment and imagine a life where...


✔ You're no longer struggling with hair fall, frizz, split ends or scalp issues

✔ Your hair stops thinning and no longer breaks

✔ You're able to maintain healthy hair even if you colour, bleach or heat-style it

✔ The long, dense and healthy hair you thought you could never get back is actually coming back

✔ Your hair grows longer than you ever thought possible. 


And better yet...


✔ You've found a routine which you can settle down with because it gives you long-lasting results

✔ You’re spending less time AND money on your hair WHILE getting better results

✔ You've turned your frustration with your hair into joy while having more time and money to spend doing things you truly enjoy 

✔ You've reclaimed your self-confidence and feel a deep sense of control over your life which allows you to seize the wonderful opportunities that come your way everyday


All of this is completely possible.

What is Hairqare Lab? 

...and how does it work?


Hairqare Lab is your Membership access to the best fully customised online program for women who are ready to reject hair care misinformation so they can overcome their hair problems, take control over their hair results, and reclaim their self-confidence.


The best part about it?

The program is a step-by-step system that gives you the right tasks, in the right order, on a week-by-week and day-by-day basis.

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Step 1: Hair Profile Assessment

You'll start by setting your hair goals and analysing your hair problems and hair care history. Then you’ll assess your lifestyle, environment and routine to see what can stay, what must go, and what can be improved to get the hair results you want.  

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Step 2: Customise Your Routine

Based on your individual goals and hair profile assessment, you'll build a routine that is fully customised to you. Your routine will be designed to fit your lifestyle while combating the damage that occurs from your environment. You’ll end up with a perfect hair care routine and product selection tailored to your unique needs. 

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Step 3: Ensure  Results

We understand that being consistent isn't always easy. We've built a system that makes doing your haircare routine so much fun, so you can stick with it over the long-term. Throughout the program, you'll implement accountability systems that help you stay on track long into the future. You'll also have access to other women on the same journey so you can give and receive support whenever you need it.

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What Hairqare Lab students thought of their experience inside the lab: 

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(head to the Hairqare Trustpilot page for more reviews)

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Lifetime Access the 90-Day Hairqare Lab Program

This is the heart of the program. Over 90 days, you’ll work through 12 video modules which guide you through evaluating your unique hair profile to help you arrive at the perfect haircare routine which is tailor-made for you to reach your personal hair goals.

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Bonus Resource #1

Tools to Success Workbook

Your new haircare routine best friend that will organise your haircare routine for you with templates to easily fill-in for each step of your haircare journey. Stay motivated and on top of your improvements with the minimum efforts.

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Bonus Resource #2

Product Recommendation Database

If you’re feeling lost between the shelves at the drugstore or confused about the mixed reviews on the internet, this database will save you loads of time and help you find exactly what you’re looking for based on your hair profile. It offers products for any hair situation and any budget so you can save time scouring the internet for recommendations. All you need to do is check that it fits your hair profile and you’re safe to go.

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Bonus Resource #3

Dramatically Save Money on Your Haircare Routine

This Masterclass will equip you to never fall prey to false advertising while empowering you with the knowledge to identify products that are worth your money. Even better, it will help you cut your spending on haircare by hundreds of dollars per year while maintaining better results for your hair.

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Bonus Resource #4

7 - Part Workshop:
How to Effectively Schedule Your Haircare Routine

In this 7-part workshop, you'll learn about practical ways to set up your hair care schedule and stick to it. This includes creating effective habits, streamlining your routine and learning to put your haircare regimen on auto-pilot so you can carry out your routine in record time while still gaining maximum results.

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Bonus Resource #5 

Recipe Book
DIY Homemade Haircare 

This book contains my tried and tested true all-time favourite homemade hair masks, scalp treatments and more. The recipes contained in the book are based on years of trial and error. I’ve curated the most simple and effective recipes that can be made with household food items. If you’re looking for organic, chemical-free and easy-to-make hair care recipes, you’ll find plenty in here! 

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Bonus Resource #6

Hair Growth Lab Cheat Sheets

If you don’t like taking notes and love consuming your information through graphics, then these cheat sheets are made for you. They deliver key information from the program in fun and easy to digest materials. Information is laid out for you for the fastest and easiest learning. You’ll be able to quickly look at any information you’d like to verify or check in the future.

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Bonus Resource #7

Healthy Hair Growth Meal Plan

Modern diets are severely lacking key nutrients for healthy hair growth. Unfortunately, taking supplements simply isn’t enough due to how your body absorbs them.

This 14-Day Meal Plan removes the guessing game when it comes to eating a diet that promotes strong, thick and healthy hair growth. You’ll gain access to 14 days worth of meals which include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it to give your hair exactly it needs. 

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Bonus Resource #8

Hair Loving Meals Cookbook

In order for your body to effectively absorb the nutrients your hair needs, they must come from natural sources in natural amounts and paired with other naturally present nutrients. 
The 40+ recipes in this book were developed with a nutritionist and chef when I experienced an extreme bout of hormonal-related hair fall and acne in late-2018. My hair and skin recovered faster than I could imagine and my students have seen great results too!
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Bonus Resource #9

Haircare Product scanner

With the constant flow of haircare marketing, it’s easy to forget that products aren't as beneficial as they seem in the advertisements. Our Haircare scanner app is here to help you analyze the quality of your products and find better alternatives that will bring back your long, dense and radient hair to life. 
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Bonus Resource #10

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils

Hair oils are deceptively complex. Some oils are great for your strands, but could terribly harm your scalp. Some oils help with dry ends but lead to hair loss when used incorrectly. Some oils work well for certain hair types while causing damage to others. This guide explains what every hair oil is meant to be used for. It dives into which hair profiles each oil is compatible with and how to use them for the best results while minimising damage from incorrect application. 

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Bonus Resource #11

The Big Book of Supplements 

This big book of supplements guides you through all the available supplements that have the ability to improve different hair care concerns. Learn how to stack and layer different supplements to target your specific problems or bring out results you wish for. From what to take, to how much to take, when to take it and where to buy them. This book covers haircare supplementation plans from A to Z.
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Bonus Resource #12

14-Day Better Hair & Better Health Challenge 

The 14-Day Challenge contains fun haircare exercises which students can complete in between the Hairqare Lab modules and afterwards. The daily missions are designed to keep you motivated towards caring for your hair, and includes another 6 bonus haircare resources! By the end of the challenge, you'll have:

🌿 A detoxified haircare routine that makes your hair, health and the environment happy.
🥑 A diet makeover for optimal hair health, physical health & mental wellbeing.
☀️A powerful morning routine to set the stage for more hair growth and self-confidence for the coming day.
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Bonus Resource #13

Members-Only Access to 
#Hairqare Lab Community 

This is the place you go to if you have any questions, issues you’d like to discuss, or you’d like to find a supportive group of like-minded people who are on a similar hair care journey to you. We will talk progress, success and failures, and share tips and tricks to overcome any hair care hardships. I'll be hanging out there to answer any of your specific questions too!

 Hairqare Lab is a truly custom experience.

When you educate yourself on effective haircare AND build a hair care routine that aligns with your unique situation AND apply systems that make your hair care journey fun...

Your #hairgoals are on the way.

Press play to hear how Haley overcame 11 years of hair loss without taking prescription hair loss medications or using expensive treatments.




Hairqare Lab is currently closed for enrolment. If you'd like to join the next class, just sign up for the waitlist and we'll keep you posted!


100% Success Guaranteed   

At Hairqare Lab, we can promise you results, no matter what.   

The system taught inside the Lab is a proven method to achieve longer, denser and healthier hair with a 100% success rate.  We believe in this system so much that we are backing every enrollment with a 30 days success guarantee.

If you’ve done the work and you don’t get results, you get your money back. Visit the FAQs for more information.

Your Investment

Your investment in Hairqare Lab fast tracks your journey to your best hair. You’ll get access to Sarah's 15 years of haircare knowledge along with the knowledge of dietitians, chemists, trichologists and many other specialists she has worked with to bring this program to you. 

This investment helps you filter through all the misinformation on haircare so you can focus on what works for you. You can skip past all the failed product purchases and years of wasted time as you figure out what is true and what isn’t in the confusing world of haircare.

Choosing to invest in Hairqare Lab means you are investing in your education. You won’t allow salons, brands, influencers or products marketing take advantage of you, your bank account or your insecurities. You'll have the knowledge to pick the right products for yourself without worrying if it's just marketing or if it will actually work.

Investing in Hairqare Lab is investing in connection, inspiration and support. You'll be starting your journey along with many other women who feel and think just like you. You’ll also gain wisdom from women who have been where you are right now but have already overcome their problems. When we do it together, we get there faster.

But your investment in Hairqare Lab is more than just achieving great hair and making life-long friends while saving time and money.

You're investing in your peace of mind. You're doing the right thing for your hair. You’re investing in the confidence that comes as you slay your hair goals and reclaim your power. 

When you choose to invest in Hairqare Lab, you’re choosing to invest in yourself. 

Hair Growth Lab Basic


HGL Essentials

  • Lifetime Access Hair Growth Lab (normally $799)

  • Tools to Success Workbook (normally $39)

  • Product Recommendation Database LITE (normally $19)

  • Hair Growth Lab Cheat Sheets  (normally $19)

  • 7-Part Workshop: How to Effectively Schedule Your Haircare Routine (normally $49)

  • Haircare Tutorial Library (normally $99)

  • Access to #HairGoals Hub Membership Community 

Total Value $1024


Or get the payment plan for


charged monthly


Hair Growth Lab Premium


Most Popular

  • Lifetime Access Hair Growth Lab (normally $799)

  • Tools to Success Workbook (normally $39)

  • Product Recommendation Database LITE (normally $19)

  • Hair Growth Lab Cheat Sheets  (normally $19)

  • 7-Part Workshop: How to Effectively Schedule Your Haircare Routine (normally $49)

  • Haircare Tutorial Library (normally $99)

  • Access to #HairGoals Hub Membership Community 


  • 5-Part Masterclass: Dramatically Save Money on Your Haircare Routine (normally $99)

  • Product Recommendation Database PRO (normally $199)

  • Recipe Book DIY Homemade Haircare (normally $19)

  • 14-Day Hair Healthy Growth Meal Plan (normally $39)

  • Hair-Loving Meals Cookbook (40+ recipes) (normally $49)

  • Haircare Ingredients Bible (normally $99)

  • Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils (normally $29)

  •  Exclusive Members-Only Discounts on Hair Growth Lab Haircare Products

Total Value $1557


Or get the payment plan for


charged monthly


Hairqare Lab Program

Enrolment Now Closed

  • 150+ videos of Haircare coaching
  • Full routine Handbook and Templates

  • 200+ Product Recommendation Database

  • 40+ Haircare tips Cheat Sheets to consult any time you need

  • Product Inspector Guide
  • Haircare Ingredients Bible
  • 14-Day Better Hair & Health Challenge 
  • Access to #Hairqare Lab Membership Community
  • GlamIQ product scanner app


Upgrade to Lifetime and get for FREE:

  • 7-Part Workshop: Easy Haircare Routine Schedule

  • 5-Part Masterclass: Dramatically Save Money on Your Haircare Routine  

  • Ultimate Guide to Hair Oils

  • The Big Book of Haircare Supplements
  • 14-day Hair Growth Meal Plan
  •  Hair-loving Recipe Book

  • DIY Homemade Recipe Book

Or get the payment plan for


charged monthly


What Hairqare Lab students thought of their experience inside the lab: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if this is the right decision for you?

If you've made it this far, I'm guessing you're very interested in the Hairqare Lab Program. But maybe it's the first time you've come across a product like this. Maybe you've tried many things that didn't work and you have some concerns about Hairqare Lab as well. The following section describes the concerns I often hear that hold us back from taking the next big step towards our hair goals. 

"Your program seems  a bit pricey."

I totally understand that the enrolment fee is more than just buying another shampoo. If I could make the class more affordable, I would. However, there is a team of specialists that work incredibly hard with me to bring this program to you. It's up to you to decide whether the benefits you'll gain in the program are worth the price. You need to keep in mind that the initial investment in yourself and into this program will yield extremely long-term results that will save you much more than what you pay to join. Here are what some of my students had to say: 

"No offence but I feel like this could be another haircare scam."

No offence taken, and we can't blame you for thinking that. You've likely been burned by haircare marketing or beauty marketing in the past. So have we. Just like Big Pharma or healthcare, the beauty industry is not the most moral industry. There are always some people that prey on the vulnerable. We are honestly happy to know you're feeling skeptical. That's the mindset you must have if you don't want to be taken advantage of. However, we've been burned too, and we've created Hairqare Lab to finally put an end to this.

One of our students felt the same way about Hairqare Lab before joining.  After so many years of disappointment, she thought Hairqare Lab was a scam. We totally understand why you and many others feel this way. That's why each enrolment is backed by a 100% Success Guarantee.

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“Before coming into HQL, all of my perceptions on what good hair care maintenance should be was gathered through browsing beauty magazines, social media influencers, or from watching TV infomercials. After many trials and errors of using the wrong hair care products, my hair was in the worst shape it's ever been with hair fall of up to 100 strands of hair each shower day.

Throughout the course, I learned to make a schedule that best fit my busy lifestyle so I can best care for my health & hair. My hair is now more smooth, less frizz & hair loss, & the best part is I see more hair growth forming daily! I'm so ecstatic to see new baby hairs!

Rose P. @lildoseofrose, United States

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"I always thought I couldn’t have thicker hair due to my genetics but Hairqare Lab helped me realise how much control I have over it. Only a few weeks into the course and incorporating what I learned,  I began seeing lots of new hair growth and more volume in my hair. It’s amazing how changing bits and pieces of your hair care routine and lifestyle can do so much in such a short time.

HQL was an eye opener and an amazing experience! I now understand so much more about the nature of my hair and what I need to give it for the maximised results! Big thank you to Sarah who put the time and great effort into creating this course!"

Dao N. - Australia

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