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The High Porosity Hair - Ultimate Guide

Your hair's porosity is one of the most impactful properties of your Unique Hair Profile.

It will affect which oils you should use, which products and ingredients work for you, how to wash, dry, and style your hair and more!

This guide includes:

🌟 Protect Your Hair from Damage

Apply small haircare habits to protect your naturally fragile hair, allowing it to stay healthy and promote growth so that you can enjoy long and beautiful locks.

🌟 How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Learn the best tips and techniques for moisturizing your hair to prevent dryness and breakage, while boosting shine and volume.

🌟 Protein or Moisture?

Determine whether your hair needs a protein or moisture treatment and choose the right products for sleek and strong hair.

🌟 Pick the Right Protein Treatments

Learn about the different types of protein treatments for high porosity hair, including how to apply them to improve strength and elasticity. 

🌟 Moisture, moisture, moisture! 

Discover the best techniques for deep conditioning your high-porosity hair, which is essential for retaining moisture in between washes.

🌟 Nourish Your Hair with Oils

Learn about the best oils for high-porosity hair and how to incorporate them into your routine for tangle-free, hydrated and healthy hair.

🌟 Dry Your Hair Safely

Learn how to dry your high-porosity hair without causing damage, keeping your hair healthy and beautiful for years to come.

🌟 Protect Your Hair from UV

Damage: Implement environmental protection practices for vibrant and healthy hair.

🌟 Use the Best Products and Ingredients and Avoid the Harmful Ones!

Quickly grasp which ingredients are no-gos for your high-porosity hair and which ones to turn to. 

🌟 Style Your Hair Safely

Learn the best styling techniques for high porosity hair, preventing damage and breakage.

🌟 Care for Different Porosity Levels on the Same Strand

Learn how to care for different porosity levels on the same hair, ensuring you aren't damaging your strands with the wrong practices. 


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