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The Big Book of Haircare Supplements

There isn't ONE magic pill to solve all your hair problems. 

BUT there are over 25 hair loving nutrients that will make you grow stronger and healthier hair.

... And feel amazing. 

... IF you know how to fuel them into your body. 

The Big Book of Haircare Supplements is for you if you can relate:

💊 Almost all the haircare supplements and products your friends have recommended have been a total waste of time and money.

🎭 You’ve been to all (okay, maybe not all) the hair salons in town and Nothing. Has. Worked. For you.

🥱 You’re already into this supplement-business, but you feel it may be overhyped.

🧮 You’re using an expensive supplement and you felt: expensive supplement = great hair but now, this equation doesn’t look so accurate

🌿 You feel using supplements is going overboard. At the end of the day, it’s just hair.

✂️ There can’t possibly be something on planet earth that can help with your edges and bald spots.

🏃‍♀️ You workout regularly but, your hair just isn’t working that growth out for you and honestly, you’re fed up.

🚫 You're worried being beautiful and confident in your own hair and skin is near impossible.

What if…

  • There was a way to customize your supplements to address all your hair concerns?
  • You could target specific hair concerns no matter if caused by internal or external factors?
  • There was a resource that's unbiased because it isn't bought and influenced by large supplement producers with vested interests in bending the truth?
  • You'd not have to rely on synthetic supplements if there are natural sources that would do a better job?
  • You could build your own tailor-made supplement regimen without having to rely on poorly formulated "5-in-1" pills.
  • You'd finally know exactly which supplements to take and when?
  • You'd know which supplements to trust and which one's to chuck out the window?

Imagine you have permanent access to a lifetime’s worth of youthfulness, healthiness, and confidence. And, you didn’t have to sell your kidney, lose an eyeball, or forfeit your life savings to get this access (surprising, isn’t it?).

Did You Know…

  • 40% of women by middle age show signs of pattern hair loss?
  • Women spend an average of $990 on their hair every year? That’s around $55,000 in a lifetime!
  • Stress coupled with a poor diet can trigger dandruff?
  • Iron deficiency and thyroid imbalance are the culprits for hair loss?
  • Nutrients are more important to your hair’s health than haircare products?

The Big Book of Haircare Supplements trashes out some overstated myths and brings hidden truths to life. You don’t have to spend so much time, energy, and resources to take care of your hair.

There’s a book with all the juicy secrets on haircare, nutrients, and supplements just for you.

What’s Inside?

If you want, here’s a FREE sneak peek into The Big Book of Haircare Supplements:


From start to finish, this Big Book is laden with explanations and relatable examples for you and yours.


This book is tailored around your pain points. It addresses your problems and lays the solutions you need on a platter of gold, just for YOU.


You’ve had enough of toxins to last you for a lifetime. So, this Big Book outlines all the necessary natural supplements you need.


The Big Book of Haircare Supplements contains minerals and all the vitamins you need to look and feel more confident in your natural hair. It explains how these nutrients work to make you look radiant and ever-young.


This book helps you understand just how and where the nutrients you eat get absorbed into your bloodstreams. It also helps you know how you can get more hair-loving nutrients to your scalp and strands.


Who doesn’t love drinks? And nourishing ones that could accelerate your hair growth and beauty? You know you want some! The Big Book of Haircare Supplements has you cornered… oops, covered and contains yummy recipes that will switch up your haircare game.


Are you busy and you need an immediate solution for your wellness concerns? This book respects your time bubble and has all the information put out in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner.


In this book, large sheets of supplements have been broken down for your use and enjoyment. Find which aspect concerns you and run with it judiciously. Ready to do do hair care supplements.. the right way?

The Big Book of Haircare Supplements

A book that gets you, was tailor-made for you the person that wants to care for you hair holistically, and is aimed at getting you from where you are in your hair journey to your hair goals... the right way. Here's what you'll get:

  • Working ideas on how to improve absorption
  • 80+ supplements covered (natural sources and synthetic alternatives included)
  • Dosage and consumption recommendations
  • Broken down categories relevant for different aspects of your hair health
  • A holistic and functional approach to your hair dazzle
  • 10+ articles to help you optimize your supplementation experience and results
  • Delicious recipes for supplemental shakes and smoothies.
  • What to take for your hair-dazzling goals
  • What helps improve your nutrient-absorption
  • Where you can get your supplements
  • And so much more!

This book will guide you through all the available supplements that have the ability to make you dazzle. It will make you a haircare supplement guru, able to stack and layer different supplements to combat your hair concerns and give you a head start in your hair journey. 

From what to take, to how much to take, to when to take it, and to where to get them, The Big Book of Haircare Supplements has your hair concerns cornered and you, covered.

After reading…

  • You’ll finally be cleared on the misconceptions of haircare supplements
  • You’ll switch up your hair journey to a smoother trail
  • Expect results once you put all you’ve read to practice
  • It’s not just your hair that’ll get a lift; your overall beauty will too!
  • Your time and energy will be conserved for relaxation and other things instead of countless trips to the salon and shopping sprees for haircare products

Grab your personal copy of the Big Book of Supplements today!


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